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    Default ArrayList with Objects the right approach?


    I am making a memory match game for my java class. I want my game to have a twist that makes it a bit different than the classic memory match game.

    My concept is to match by association. For example, i might use country flags that you would have to match to the country names. I would be storing everything as jpg images, even the names.

    Where I am running into problems is matching 2 pictures that have different names.

    What I planned to implement was an ArrayList of Objects. Each object would store the picture reference and a category. The 2 associated pictures would have the same category, and I could match them using that since the jpg names would be different.

    Does this logic sound good? Am I on the right path?

    Or should I think about using a different approach?

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    Could you use a Map as well to map the categories to a Pair object (possibly), which would hold both of your Objects that are related?

    Or, a Map of jpg names that maps to a Category, which contains both related jpgs?
    That way you can easily get from a filename to a category and find the related filename...

    This is all off the top of my head, of course.

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