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    Post Is Jbuilder a good option?

    Hey, I just started today in this forum. Also, I'm completely new in Java, in fact I've not started yet at all. These last weeks, I've been learning general programming, and I gotta present a school work in 9 months that will consist on the development of a physics java applet (falling bodies). I've learning general programming with a book that also introduces you to some programming languages (RAD languages, Java, C++, C, C#, COBOL, and idk if more...). Well, I went directly to the Java chapter when I finished the general programming. There, it says that there is a RAD for Java called Borland JBuilder. To develop the applet, do you recommend me to use JavaSE programming (knowing that I'm completely new in Java), or to use this attractive (or at least it seams at first appearance) JBuilder?
    Aside from that, I'd like you to tell me some cool tutorials for Java begginers (anyway I'll surely get a book for Java programming). Thanks for your time.
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