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    Default Importing Java API's into Eclipse

    Hi all,

    I am having a bit of trouble with Java/Eclipse.

    I want to use J2SE to write a desktop application to connect to a bluetooth device, which will be connected via USB. It will then perform a scan.

    I know there is the JSR-82 API for bluetooth and OBEX (object exchange), but as far as i know, that is only for J2ME (micro edition). Am i right in thinking that?

    If not, then it moves me onto my next problem. I am using Eclipse to develop and have absolutley no idea how to install the bluetooth API (JSR-82) that i have recently downloaded. Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot

    - Ryan Jones

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    There are Java SE implementations of JSR 82. One freeware I'm aware of is BlueCove -- note that it doesn't work with all bluetooth stacks. There are other, probably bette/more advanced/more flexible commercial solutions. Search the net.


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