i try to write a regular expression, but it not works. it must be like:
"CD", "DVD" or "Book". the 2. entry give the number of the artikel, the 3. entry give a boolean /9true, or false).
By book the ISBN-number, the author and how old must be the user.
By DVD or CD, the time of the dvd or cd and how old must be the user.

Book,104,Terry Schotter,true,ISBN:12345,A. Rollin,12
CD,101,Musik der Stille,true,34,6
my code:

Java Code:
String rBook = "(Book),([0-9]+),([A-Za-z ]+),(true|false),"
                + "([A-Z:0-9]+),([A-Za-z. ]+),([0-9]+)";

        String rMed = "(CD|DVD),([0-9]+),([A-Za-z ]+),(true|false),([0-9]+),"
                + "([0-9]+)";

        if (!Pattern.matches(rBook, line) || !Pattern.matches(rMed, line)) {
            System.out.println("Here is something wrong. Cant read the file");
thanks 4 your help:)