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    Default rollover image with text placement

    Dear Forum,

    I'm a new member and needing quick help for a client who wants to rollover images and show different text for each image in a single location. I normally use Dreamweaver to create my rollover images but don't have text associated with that. The image will be a link so the client can click on the rollover image to enter that section of the Web Site. The text location needs to be in a particular location down below the images and in one location. I will have as many a 20 images or more all with different titles.

    I would like to use a java script since that's what I most familiar with.

    I'm in the process of the design as we speak so I need help as soon as I can receive it.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    This is a Java forum, not a JavaScript forum, and the two of them are about as similar as ham is to hamster. I suggest that you Google for the appropriate forum and ask this question there. Since this question is out of the scope of this forum, I am locking this thread. Much luck.

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