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    Default Creating a TD for school

    Hey, I'm extremely new to this forum.
    Found it to be the most user/newbie friendly one.

    I'm creating a Tower Defense for our Java class in school.
    Partner project, but he reaallyy doesn't know much. :/

    It'll consist supposedly of a Map, Tower and Monster class.
    On the Map, i've been able to tile out the whole 800,800 window with objects called Tiles. So that I can make them towers later on.

    How am I supposed to be working on this whole thing, I've got two weeks to do this. :( And I haven't been able to figure out how to make a Monster appear and actually move via repaint()

    All help would be appreciated! :D

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    How complicated is it supposed to be? I'd imagine you use a loop to continually move the monster until it dies or reaches the other end of the map. You will also need to work in code to make it follow a certain path. You can use calls to sleep to control the speed the monster moves. Others may have some more useful advice, however; these seem to be some points to think about.

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