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    Default Applets issue with Action Listeners

    Hello everyone! Ive been learning quite a bit about swing gui programming lately, and decided to try and use that knowledge to throw together a quick applet. Its a mock username and password login box that writes the username and password from the text fields to a file. I insert this code for an action listener for a button named okButton

    Java Code:
    	okButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
    		public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
    		    try {
    		    FileWriter outFile = new FileWriter("test.txt", true);
    		    BufferedWriter outBuff = new BufferedWriter(outFile);
    		    String getpw = pwTxt.getText();
    		    String getuname = unameTxt.getText();
    		    outBuff.write("\nUsername:" + getuname + "\n");
    		    catch (IOException exio) {
    			System.err.println("I/O Error");

    its erroring out with an AWT queue error permission denied.
    Me and another programmed a sip alg detector applet for our job, and that was in an applet. I remember to get over windnows permission problems we had to sign that applet is that what i need to do here? I wasnt the one who did that part so i never learned how to do it otherwise id just try and see :)

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    Applets run in a sandboxed environment and aren't allowed to access the local file system unless trusted. As your goal is to practice GUIs and writing to a file, rewrite the GUI as an application instead of an Applet and you're good to go.

    If you need some guidance in doing that, refer to Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing (The Java™ Tutorials)


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    Default ty!

    Thank you so much for the response DB! I appreciate it. I actually already have quite a few programs written as applications which successfully manage files on my local filesystem. This project was essentially "I wonder if i can make my program here into an applet"

    Hehe but since the time of this post, i actually have learned the method for signing an applet and am going to do that now. Ill mark this as solved if it works :)

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