I'm in the middle of training myself how to use Oracle and the PL/SQL technology with the 10g training CDs. These CDs are part of the "Oracle University Technology-Based Training" and I believe they came with some of the books I acquired through a co-worker... Each CD provides movie-like sequences that explain whatever aspects each disc covers, complete with audio lectures and pre / post-tests to gauge ones competency. They're really cool and help out a lot.

Whenever I insert one of the Oracle 10g training CDs into my computer's CD-ROM drive, the CDs seem to have problems playing anything and I'm 100% convinced that this is due to having multiple versions of Java installed on my machine (see below). These CDs ran perfectly fine when I had only 1.5.x installed, but now that I have version 1.6.x of Java installed, too, these just don't run. Instead of a welcoming screen with a little menu allowing me to explore the contents / tests of each disc, I instead receive a blank window with a pure white background that is a pain to close as the only way to close it is by entering into Task Manager and doing it the hard way (I'm using XP: Pro here).

Java Versions:
So right now, I have 2 versions of Java installed: version 1.5.x and version 1.6.x.

More Info:
I have 1.6.x installed due to some of the other apps I use through things like Firefox 2.x, IE8, etc. The 1.5.x Java, however, is the version necessary for the training CDs. Switching between the two versions would be thought of as a simple matter, however, I've found it to be somewhat unorthodox and prone to a frustrating experience here as tweaking environment variables and adjusting environment settings seems to do nothing.

Here's what I've done so far to try and fix this annoying situation:

1.) Went to "Control Panel / Java / Java Tab / View" and then made sure to un-check any version settings that were NOT 1.5.x. I then clicked OK.

2.) Went into the Properties of "My Computer" and then went to the Advanced Tab to edit the PATH environment-user variable. It now reflects the value of "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11". I also created a new environment-user variable called "SHLIB_PATH" and assigned the value of "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5_11\lib". After doing this, I pressed "OK".

I then inserted an Oracle Training CD, but then, a white background window pops-up and simply freezes; it does nothing from this point. I'm then forced to close it down through using the Task Manager...

So I'm a bit stumped and feel as if this is a fruitless effort on my own part to find solutions because I feel like nobody out there in the Ether will be able to help me. As you can see, I'm very frustrated. Would anyone have any clue as to what I need to do here? I'm able to run the CDs with no problems whatsoever if I have ONLY the 1.5.x installed, but when I throw 1.6.x into the mix of it all, I get the white background window problem...

Any help on this is appreciated. I've posted about this situation over on the Oracle forums as well with no success so far... :(