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    Default Dom4j probelm with clearContent method

    PLease, can somehone tell me (some snipplet or so) what is the way to remove a node (for example <Channel> node in the following XML) from a XMl File ?

    I would like the method to be
    public Document removeListChannels(Document doc, List<String> cForRemove)

    where cForRemove is a list of ChannelIds.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <MiTV context="EPG:Now">
    <ReturnMessage>Your request was successful...</ReturnMessage>
    <ChannelName nav="1">Antena 3</ChannelName>
    <ChannelLogo nav="1">http://localhost/IMG_MITV/channel/MiTeleTV_4.jpg</ChannelLogo>
    <ChannelName nav="1">Cuatro</ChannelName>
    <ChannelLogo nav="1">http://localhost/IMG_MITV/channel/MiTeleTV_426.jpg</ChannelLogo>
    <Program programId="MiTeleTV_3_DEM_19_2007-11-17-18-54-00_1194963560496">
    <ProgramStartTime nav="1">1h 54mn</ProgramStartTime>
    <ProgramEndTime nav="1">6mn</ProgramEndTime>
    <ChannelName nav="1">La 2</ChannelName>
    <ChannelLogo nav="1">http://localhost/IMG_MITV/channel/MiTeleTV_153.jpg</ChannelLogo>
    <ChannelName nav="1">Tve</ChannelName>
    <ChannelLogo nav="1">http://localhost/IMG_MITV/channel/MiTeleTV_152.jpg</ChannelLogo>
    <ChannelName nav="1">Canal Promocional</ChannelName>
    <ChannelLogo nav="1">http://localhost/IMG_MITV/channel/MiTeleTV_392.jpg</ChannelLogo>
    <ClientURL nav="1">http://localhost2/client/Nokia/Nokia1.sis</ClientURL>
    <IndexCurrent nav="1">0</IndexCurrent>

    Thanks in advace

    Alejandra Ortega
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