I am trying to run an example program from a book called Core Java Volume II, and it seems to have a problem loading its resources. There are 3 files that load color values from classes in English, German, and Chinese, as well as 3 properties files with label name translations. The code to load the ResourceBundles is quite simple, and it works fine if the example program is converted to be a standard app with a main code block, but when run as an applet, it cannot load the resource files at all and results in a bunch of empty labels and an empty button. I tried to run the applet in Firefox and Internet Explorer and neither browser could run the applet properly...the Resource files just aren't being loaded. However, if I run the applet using the appletviewer program, the applet works just fine. I double checked Firefox and it is up to date with the Java Deployment Toolkit and Java Platform SE U24. What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! :)