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    Default Javascript - Password Arrays


    I am currently creating a password option for my website.

    So far I have about 5 people (hey its a start!! They're mates!!)

    I have those five passwords in an array called userPasswords.

    I have a 'userenterPassword = window.prompt('Please enter password.','');' set up to keep the password in memory.

    I have a var UserIndex = 1;

    Then I try to set up a for loop:

    for(count = 0; count < userPasswords[UserIndex]; count = count + 1)

    if(userenterPassword != userPasswords)

    'userenterPassword = window.prompt('Please enter password.','');


    It wont seem to go further this?

    Should I be using a WHILE loop for user password wrong entry?

    Please 'elp!


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    I would use a while loop rather than an IF inside a FOR Loop.

    If your using passwords as a login to a website, i would use a database to store the details then use PhP to check the username & password against the database rather than just use an array within the website.

    This is my personal preference, although it is pretty easy to update the data and moify it when using the database.

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