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    Question Importing a cvs library


    It is regarding the limewire library of java.
    Previously I imported limewire folder via cvs in eclipse. I have got it as a class folder in my hard drive. Now, when I try to create a project from it (in another computer in which I only have the class folder of limewire, and not imported from cvs) it gives errors, thus I cannot even add it as a class folder to my project. I tried to import it from cvs, but the problem is that I don't remember what to put in the name, address information. (such as And I cannot search it on limewire's website either, because they seem to be under court and the website is closed.

    How can I add a class folder to my project which is downloaded before from cvs?

    P.S. The reason for needing the limewire is the patricia trie implementation. Any other library ideas will also be very helpful.

    Any help will be really appreciated.
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    ...and don't multi-post please.
    See my comment in the Advanced forum.

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    Apologies for multi-posting but I was not sure which subforum it should be in. I can delete one of them, if it is possible.

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