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    Default Using Protected Methods, in a Java Library

    Hey, there are a set of java image processing classes I want to use.
    It is a library online... "JHLabs Java Image processing"...

    Download Java Image Processing Classes

    The java docs are here...

    For example the class EdgeFilter ... I cant use because the the method that actually does the Edge filtering is a protected method

    protected int[] filterPixels( int width, int height, int[] inPixels, Rectangle transformedSpace )

    Same with ErodeFilter etc.. I can make instances of these classes but I cant use its actual necessary function.
    That is same with all the image classes that I want to use.

    Is there anything I am missing... How can I possibly use this library of classes with the netbeans project that I am doing. (I have imported the jar file library this comes with)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you read their docs?
    I expect you pass one of these filters into some other part of the code that then actually makes the calls.

    In fact (and it's not my area) but that's how BufferedImageOps work, and that seems to be what these are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolls View Post
    Have you read their docs?
    Of course not; documents only exist to be ignored; if those stupid authors want to type their fingers off, let them but ignore their documentation. The documentation is worthless anyway, i.e. it never spoonfeeds you, it requires reading and, as everybody knows, reading make your eyeballs hurt.

    kind regards,

    Jos ;-)
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