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    Question Do I have to study JavaSE before write an application in JavaEE

    Hi everybody, I'm an newbie in Java world. In fact, I'm a C/C++ developer (at student level), but as some error in my school's schedule, I have to write a JavaEE application in 3 months from now (this app is small (of course), but will be widen sometimes (in my next semester). So I don't have time to learn both of them by roster. (step by step as usual)
    So, to you pros, I have that question (on title):
    When I have some basic knowledge on Java (keyword, syntax, code convention, etc...)
    Do I have to study JavaSE before writing an application in JavaEE?
    Because when I search for JavaEE example, the authors almost write examples to who has learned JavaSE.

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    java - JSE vs J2EE, college and career - Stack Overflow

    ^That thread has some pretty good descriptions about the differences. One good analogy I saw there was java se is like learning to drive a car, while ee is like learning to drive an 18 wheeler. I honestly don't have experience with ee, but from reading on there it sounds like you want to understand the basics. What kind of application are you expected to write?

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    You need to understand the basics of Java, which would be a fair amount of SE, because otherwise you're likely to make some pretty silly mistakes which will make writing a Java EE app so much harder.

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