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    Default Image array into table

    Hello, hope you can help me with this!

    I currently have a php script that spits all the images in a given folder into this script, which then displays the images in sequence in a slideshow.

    What i need the script to do instead of making is slideshow of one image at a time, is to display ALL the images together in a table.

    Is that even possible?

    Thanks in advance for your insight! Here's the script...

    <script src="images/headshots/getimages.php"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var curimg=0
    function rotateimages(){
    document.getElementById("slideshow").setAttribute( "src", "images/headshots/"+galleryarray[curimg])
    curimg=(curimg<galleryarray.length-1)? curimg+1 : 0

    setInterval("rotateimages()", 2500)

    <div style="width: 170px; height: 400px">
    <img id="slideshow" src="images/headshots/1.jpg" />

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    JavaScript is not Java. Find a JavaScript forum for your question (no, there isn't one here)


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