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    Default Any good book to cover the Java API classes?

    Is there any good book to learn a bit more about the API? I find that the java API as explained on the official website is a bit of hard and complicated for me.

    Since english is not my native languauge I could use a little help with explaining things in a clear and soft writing, not just plain hardcore...

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    For the most part a good java book will cover a lot of the API classes. Other than that I don't know any API related books that would really do much different than the API.

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    Since you mentioned in your other thread that you're using Eclipse, do yourself a favor and work through this guy's tutorials:

    Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners
    Using the Eclipse Workbench
    Introducing Persistence
    Using the Debugger

    After that, you'll be better prepared to work through the Oracle Java Tutorials.


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