I need to retrive text/table data from a ppt-slide. So far I can fetch data as:
- Title Text
- Slide Notes
Java Code:
// slide
SlideShow ss = new SlideShow(show);
Slide[] slides = ss.getSlides();
[B]// get title of slide[/B]        
System.out.println("slide 1: " + slides[0].getTitle());
[B] // get notes of slide[/B]        
Notes notes = slides[0].getNotesSheet();
TextRun[] runs = slides[0].getTextRuns();
runs = notes.getTextRuns();
System.out.println("notes text run slide 1: "+runs[0].getText());
I now need to find the right way to extract the text from one/multiple text boxes and table information. Any idea on how to fine tune the following concept?

Java Code:
// get normal slide text 
TextShape textshape = slides[0].getTextRuns();
runs = textbox.getTextRuns();
System.out.println("slide 1 text: " + runs[0].getText());
// get text from table - one specific cell 2nd column/2nd row
Table table = new Table(2, 2);
TableCell cell = table.getCell(2, 2);
System.out.println("slide 1 table text (2,2): " + runs[0].cell.getText(2,2));