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    Default how to implement legendre symbol in java

    i have a big integer n,
    now i want find construct factor base, ie. i have sieve {3,5,7,11...} are in integer array.
    now i have to construct factorbase by checking legendre symbol,
    i.e, to check wether n is quadratic residue modue 3 or 5 or 7....
    A number n is said to be quadratic residue modulo p, if there exist x belongs to zp suchthat x^2 =n(modp) ,
    iam unable to divide n by 3 or 5or 7...
    because n is biginteger and array is int.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajay.eeralla View Post
    iam unable to divide n by 3 or 5or 7...
    because n is biginteger and array is int.
    If a[k] is an int stored at position k of array a then new BigInteger(""+a[k]) is a BigInteger with the same value as a[k]. Do your calculations in the BigInteger domain using that value.

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