I am currently working on programming a calculator gui based program. I am pretty confident that any problems I run into I will be able to run out, and I currently have quite a bit left to implement, however; I was wondering if anyone knows of a site where I can post the finished code and get reviews/criticism/etc. It's only my second real program, and I want to be told where I am going wrong and what kind of improvements I can make.

I am not 100% sure, but I believe on GUI programs I use the MVC pattern. I don't really have a great idea of how the MVC pattern is(I will soon, I am reading a book on design patterns) but on large(ish) gui programs I have been creating one class which works as the actual class(does calculations on command line), and one class which uses the gui.

For the calculator class I have one part set values, add, divide, perform equals, etc, and then I "hook" them into the gui.

I know lots of explaining to really just ask the following.

Any sites I can go to receive criticism and review?