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    Default Capturing video from webcam with JMF

    Hi, I want to learn to use jmf for working with my webcam, and I've found a simple code in the internet for grabbing an image and saving it on the hard drive.
    Java Code:
    public class JMF {
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception 
            CaptureDeviceInfo deviceInfo = CaptureDeviceManager.getDevice("vfw:Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32):0");
            Player player = null; 
            player = Manager.createRealizedPlayer(deviceInfo.getLocator());
            FrameGrabbingControl frameGrabber = (FrameGrabbingControl)player.getControl("");
            Buffer buf = frameGrabber.grabFrame();
            Image img = (new BufferToImage((VideoFormat)buf.getFormat()).createImage(buf));
            BufferedImage buffImg = new BufferedImage(img.getWidth(null), img.getHeight(null), BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);
            Graphics2D g = buffImg.createGraphics();
            g.drawImage(img, null, null);
            g.setFont(new Font("Verdana", Font.BOLD, 16));
            g.drawString((new Date()).toString(), 10, 25);
            ImageIO.write(buffImg, "png", new File("c:\\webcam.png"));
    Well it gives me a NullPointerException on player = Manager.createRealizedPlayer(deviceInfo.getLocator ());
    My webcam is recognized by JMStudio.

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    I have a 64-bit Windows 7, maybe jmf doesn't work too well on 64-bit systems? Or maybe it's a webcam driver problem? But in that case I don't understand why JMStudio recognizes my camera and can capture video from it. Please help me, I've googled this problem quite a lot and haven't found any solution.

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    Default Re: Capturing video from webcam with JMF

    Well, jmf works with 32 bit java, so are you sure you have 32 bit java configured in your system?
    Also before creating a player, i will recommend you to find the devices, may be your code is not detecting any device (Video Capturing) and hence causing a null pointer exception.

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