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    Default Two quick questions

    due to another test coming up , two questions which killed me in the first test

    1. how do i manage to control the random function , i know it brings a number between 0-1 or something .
    if anyone can simplify that for me with an example like let's say i want to get a random number which will be 4-6 in that range

    2. in the first test they specificly asked us to write a static function of some sort , where does it matter?
    except from the headline that will say "static void.. "

    thanks a lot all helpers !
    i hope the questions were clear enough :/

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    the first question is hard to answer without giving it away, think of the range 2-4 covers.

    For the second question, try creating a method(non-static) lets say it determines if a number is prime, and then call it on some number in main and see what happens. Try to make it work correctly.

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