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Thread: Java IO Problem

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    Default Java IO Problem

    Excuse me,
    I have a problem about the text file to store into array.

    I have a text file. It store three columns, Artist, Album and Tracks.

    I need to store these data data into array and perform the sorting..

    like this
    Java Code:
    Artist        Album             Tracks
    Peter    Peter Album           13
    John     John Album            14
    Mary     Mary Album           13
    How can I store the text file into array?
    And then, How can perform the sorting after store into array?
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    Create an object with those three things as fileds, read the file line for line with a BufferedReader and populate these objects adding them to a list. Make sure the class implements Comparable and has a compareTo method, then sort the list using the Collections class and call toArray on the list (or call toArray on the List and sort the array using the Arrays class)..

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