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    Default File Sharing - Permissions

    So im just trying to setup a simple bit of file sharing in my public/shared area between my mac and laptop. The long and short of the code is that my mac will create a text file and my laptop will read it and then update it, however im having some issues with writing back to the file.

    I am receiving an access denied error when trying to write the data to the file. The file is create dynamically so I need Java to create the file. The file is being created with a "read only" privilege, even though the whole shared folder has "read and write" privileges, so I can't quite understand why this is ignored - it seems kind of counter-intuititve.

    Basically I am asking if there is for me to be able to update a file created by another machine.

    I'm baffled as to why I havent been able to do this as it something so trivial. Maybe I'm missing something completely obvious or maybe there is a simple method I don't know of, either way any help will be greatly appreciated

    If you want the code I'll post it but it is only very simple stuff.

    Many Thanks,

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