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Thread: Date math

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    Question Date math

    Am new to java and having an issue trying to do some date math.
    I made this test code and it returns a date difference of 24 days which is what I wanted. My question is this the correct way to subtract dates or should I be doing something more sophisticated?
    Java Code:
    private void playWithDates()
        Calendar aDay = new GregorianCalendar();
        aDay.set(2007, Calendar.JANUARY, 25, 0, 0, 0);
        Calendar newYearsDay = new GregorianCalendar();
        newYearsDay.set(2007, Calendar.JANUARY, 1, 0, 0, 0);
        long nyd=newYearsDay.getTimeInMillis();
        long a=aDay.getTimeInMillis();
        long diff =a-nyd;
    output is: 24

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    Well that does work so I'd say if it meets your needs then go for it.
    There is a very large and involved discussion on date math that you might want to read here:
    java date math

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    Calendar class helps you to achieve this with the help roll method,
    The description is as below from javadoc of sun
    Java Code:
    public void roll(int field,
                     int amount)
        Add to field a signed amount without changing larger fields. A negative roll amount means to subtract from field without changing larger fields.
        Example: Consider a GregorianCalendar originally set to August 31, 1999. Calling roll(Calendar.MONTH, 8) sets the calendar to April 30, 1999. Using a GregorianCalendar, the DAY_OF_MONTH field cannot be 31 in the month April. DAY_OF_MONTH is set to the closest possible value, 30. The YEAR field maintains the value of 1999 because it is a larger field than MONTH.
        Example: Consider a GregorianCalendar originally set to Sunday June 6, 1999. Calling roll(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH, -1) sets the calendar to Tuesday June 1, 1999, whereas calling add(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH, -1) sets the calendar to Sunday May 30, 1999. This is because the roll rule imposes an additional constraint: The MONTH must not change when the WEEK_OF_MONTH is rolled. Taken together with add rule 1, the resultant date must be between Tuesday June 1 and Saturday June 5. According to add rule 2, the DAY_OF_WEEK, an invariant when changing the WEEK_OF_MONTH, is set to Tuesday, the closest possible value to Sunday (where Sunday is the first day of the week).
            roll in class Calendar
            field - the time field.
            amount - the signed amount to add to field.
        See Also:
            add(int, int), Calendar.set(int, int)

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