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    Default Help with while loops

    For an assignment for Computer Science I have to write a program that prompts the user to input a name, number of hits, and number of at bats in order to calculate an average. I have to put it into a loop so that the user can continue inputting players until they enter 'q' to quit. Once the loop exits, the program is supposed to print the name and average of the best and worst averages. I have gotten the loop working right, but I don't know how to do the final part. Here is what I have so far:

    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;

    public class BattingStatsTGW
    public static void main (String [] args)
    Scanner scan = new Scanner (;

    String name; // stores hitter's name
    int hits, bats; // stores hits, number of at bats
    double avg; // stores batting average
    char SENTINEL = 'q'; // sets the sentinel at 'q'

    System.out.print ("\nEnter the name of a batter OR 'q' to quit > ");
    name = scan.nextLine ();

    while (name.charAt(0) != SENTINEL) // compares name to 'q'


    System.out.print ("\nEnter the number of Hits > ");
    hits = scan.nextInt ();

    System.out.print ("\nEnter the number of At Bats > ");
    bats = scan.nextInt ();

    avg = (double) hits / bats;

    DecimalFormat dfmt = new DecimalFormat ("0.000");

    System.out.println ("\n\tThe average is: " + dfmt.format (avg));

    if (avg >= .300) // compares the average to .300
    {System.out.println ("\n\t" + name + " is eligible for All Star Game!");}

    {System.out.println ("\n\t" + name + " is NOT eligible for All Star Game.");}

    System.out.print ("\nEnter the name of the next batter OR 'q' to quit > ");
    name =;


    // output the player name and average of the highest average
    // output the player name and average of the lowest average

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    You need to store the names and averages of the players in some way, try possibly using a map of some sort that's takes string and integer, the name Will be the key and the average will be the value. Another thought is to make a player class which has a string for the name and double for the average and create an arraylist of players, then create a comparator and sort the arraylist
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