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    Default Call jasper Reports from java

    Please tell me how to call .jasper file from java.Also i want to know whether parameters can be changed in report after design.i.e.parameter values should be taken directly from designed iReport file rather than giving in code.(passing parameters to JasperFillManager.fillReport() method).If same question is already discussed,then please send me the thread details.
    Reply is urgnet,send email to me [email removed to protect the innocent]
    Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: Call jasper Reports from java

    I have a question... can anyone help me in figuring out how to call report.jrxml from java application... i already add the plugins to my netbeans... i do also add the library... but still not working... how can i solve the problem... please reply me asap to my email [email removed to protect the innocent]
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