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    Default JOptionPane Basics

    Cant seem to get Joption pane working. I have a feeling that its something really basic that I am doing.

    Here is the function that I am having issues with:

    Java Code:
    private static void mainMenu()  // Main menu function. This menu greets user
            Scanner input = new Scanner(; // Declare Scanner
            int choice = 0; 
            // Start of do while loop for main menu
                choice = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(
                        "Please enter the menu number:"
                        ,"1. Add Prisoner"
                        ,"2. Information on Prisoner"
                        ,"3. Display Current Prisoners"
                        ,"0. Exit");
                    newPrisoner(); // Function call 
                else if(choice==2)
                    prisonerReport(); // Function call
                else if(choice==3)
                    currentPrisoners();// Function call
            }while(choice!=0);  // end of loop  
    This is what I have so far but I get an error with the JOptionPane.showInputDialog. I think its that I declared choice as a int and its meant to be a string. If that is the case how can I get it to work by getting the user to enter the menu number?

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    Change choice to a String sowInputDialog returns a String

    declare and Object array for your choices to display and add it to your
    option pane

    Java Code:
     Object[]choicesArr={"1. Add Prisoner"
                    ,"2. Information on Prisoner"
                    ,"3. Display Current Prisoners"
                    ,"0. Exit"};
     choice = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(
    Then you need to parse choice to an int

    Java Code:
    int ch=Integer.parseInt(choice);
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