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    Question Calling function in Javascript- from other function

    I was just wondering how this statement is working in javascript.
    this.toString = toString;

    calling a function from the other function, up to my knowledge should be like : this.toString = toString();, but this is not working.

    Any idea?

    function Car()
    this.make = new Array();
    this.colors = new Array();
    this.price = new Array();
    this.year = new Array();
    this.model = new Array();

    this.toString = toString;

    function toString()
    return ("Make: " + this.make "\n" "Color: " this.colors "\n" "Year: " this.year "\n" "Model: " this.model "\n" "Price: " this.price "\n");

    Could some one please clarify on this?

    Thank you

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    Your best bet is to ask this question in a JavaScript forum, not a Java forum as they are about as similar as ham is to hamster, and Google can help you find plenty of these forums. Since this question is not within the context of the forum, I am going to lock this thread.

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