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    Question Taking a line from a text file if it contains the specified text

    Hi Java developers,

    I'm currently modding MineCraft (just for fun :)) and I'm stuck with a problem:
    How do I copy a line of a .txt file which contains the specified text? (Hashset)


    In my items.txt file:
    Java Code:
    In my code:
    Java Code:
    if (items.contains("cobblestone"))
        String blabla = //Code to copy cobble out of the .txt file;
        String[] k = blabla.split(":");
        int itemId = Integer.Parse(k[0]);
        player.dropPlayerItemWithoutDelay(new ItemStack(itemId, 64, 0), false);
    So basically what I need to know is:
    -How do I copy a specific line of .txt
    -How do I get the line number of a .txt which contains a specific text

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    You could use a Scanner to load the file and parse through each line checking to see if "cobblestone" exists in each. And keep a counter to know how many lines you've gone through.

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