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    Default Cant run my programs anymore

    This is just a general java questions rather than a programming question so i'm hoping to get a quick answer. :).

    I used to run a few small programs that ran in java that helped me pack files such as textures and sounds into maps for counter strike source.

    However since I got windows 7 the file i would use to launch the packing tool shows up as a 'windows batch file'. When i load this file a dos screen flashes up and goes away and the program wont load.

    I've tried updating my java but it wont seem to load with java.

    Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

    Thank you.

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    I'd try running the batch file from the command line so it doesn't close when it crashes. Then if there are any errors reported you'd be able to read them and figure out whats going wrong.

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    Open the batch file in a text editor, change the word 'java' to 'javaw,' and save it. This will cause Java to be launched in windowed mode.

    At least, that's what I think it does. I haven't tried it for years.

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