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    Default What is best object to create?


    Basically, I have a matrix that has been created using a double array. For each block of the matrix, I need to store four numbers. I cannot determine what kind of object/data structure I need to use in which to store these numbers. I know that I can create an object, and I would love to be able to say something like "firstvalue = matrix[i][j].firstvalue" in my driver program, but how would I go about storing firstvalue in my matrix object, especially since that currently is the name of my array?


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    Reads like you need a class that will hold four double values and then store an instance of this class in each block of the array/matrix. Remember to set accessor and set methods in your class so you can retrieve the four values e.g. of one of the methods
    Java Code:
    public double getX(){
       return x; // where x is a member of class
    Array storing and retrieving - (presume myClass is an instance of that class that holds 4 doubles say call it DoubleClass) and myMatrix is a 2d array of type DoubleClass (can hold objects of DoubleClass)
    Java Code:
    myMatrix[i][j]=myClass; // assign
    double value=myMatrix[i][j].getX(); // retrieve doubles

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