I have been working on a simple program for weeks now and I am about to puul my hair out. What I have is an ASP web application that should print a template text file. I was trying to do all of this in ASP since I really don't know JAVA but everywhere I go I am told it can't be done. I know it is possible because we currently have a system written by a company that does just this.

Sorry, I started rambling. What I need is to open an existing text file(printtemplate.txt) replace certain areas marked as @Param1@, @Param2@, and @Param3@ with values from a textbox then send it to the printer. I set up a data reader and a data editor but I have no idea how to get the final product to print on the client machines local printer.

I am self taught in everything I know about programming(which probably isn't much) I have read a few books and used google to solve most of my problems, but all I get for this one is "it can't be done" a wise man once told me that in programming if they say it can't be done they just don't know how to do it either.

Please help me if you can, hit the back button if your here to argue.