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Thread: Java Frames

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    Question Java Frames

    hello people,
    m a newbie in java...and i have this requirement for building GUI in java...
    well, i have headed off..but i have some simple and basic unanswered questions:
    1. how do i fix a position of window on the screen (immovable)
    2. Suppose if i don't have a mouse, then how m i supposed to handle the frame with keyboard? also whenever i use mnemonics it is not displaying the underlined mnemonic char in the menu.
    will be thankful if answered to the earliest
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    Fix a position with setLocation method.

    You can add a mnemonic to a button such that alt-A will activate it.

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    thanks a lot Junky....
    actually i wanted keyboard for the basic frame handling like minimize, maximize, select different menus using tab etc... is there any suitable solution??

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