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    Exclamation Complier error (Please help)

    Here is the MESSAGE variable element might not have been initialized
    return element;
    Note: uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
    Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
    1 error

    HERE is the CODE, PLEASE HELP, I dont know how to get rid of the error.

    package jss2;


    public class ArrayStack<E>

    protected int capacity;
    public static final int CAPACITY = 100;
    protected E S[];
    protected int top = -1;

    public ArrayStack(int cap)
    capacity = cap;
    S = (E[])( new Object [capacity]);

    public ArrayStack()
    this (CAPACITY);

    public int size()
    return (top +1);

    public boolean isEmpty()

    return(top <0);


    public void push(E element)
    if (size() == capacity)

    S[++top] = element;


    public E top()
    if (isEmpty())

    return S[top];

    public E pop()
    E element;

    element = S[top];
    S[top--] = null;
    return element;


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    The element is declared but not initialized at declaration. After that it might be initialized in the if block, but then again, it might not, so the compiler rightly complains that you're using it without knowing for sure. To fix this initialize it to null when you declare it.

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    For the first error, do as Pete has suggested.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShortIt View Post
    Note: uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
    Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
    This thing is indicating that you may be using some methods which are deprecated. So compile with the option provided which will show you which of the things in your code are no more supported. Once you get them, try to replace that part if possible.

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