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    Default adding drawing images on a "Graphics instance"

    I'm making a program and I want to display pictures (not graphics drawn on the spot using fillOval, fillRect etc,). Can anyone help me with this?
    the problems are these:

    1. loading an image from a file (probably a .jpg file, but the extension doesn't matter to me).

    2. drawing an image from a file to a screen. This shouldn't be hard, but is it also possible to draw the image rotated x degrees. So for example drawing the image rotated 73 degrees clock-wise.

    3. turning the code and the picture's into one program. Is there a way to make one .jar file with both the image and the code in it?

    I don't need direct answers, links to specific API's and tutorials are enough.

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    Have a look at The Java Tutorial.

    2D Graphics covers loading and rendering (with transforms). Packaging Programs in Jar Files deals with how classes and other resources can be placed in a single jar archive for deployment.

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