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    Default Spreadsheet data - linked list or hashmap


    I am looking to implement a spreadsheet in java. Would it be better to use a linked list (rows) of linked list of cells (columns) to store the data or a hashmap (each cell maps to a key e.g. A1 -> 1, A2-> 2 etc.)?

    Or is there an even better data structure to use?


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    Cross-posting the same question in different forum on the net without notifying others is not appreciated and will quickly label you as someone many won't want to help. Please do the right thing and notify all cross-posts about the others.

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    On top of that: neither of those data structures are naive when it comes to cycle detection during the evaluation of your sheet; e.g.

    A1 = A2+1
    A2 = A1+1

    Excel can detect those cycles but it abrubtly stops the evaluation of the entire sheet (which I find extremely stupid). Simple lists or hash maps are just too simple data structures to think about, better use a dependency graph (which has to be a DAG if you don't like cycles in the sheet).

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