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    Default Book Suggestion

    I know this is a topic that tends to come up here a lot. I am interested in purchasing a book, and I do not have much money to play with and I would really like to get a single good book and I am having trouble deciding on which one would be best for my level.

    I understand most of the basics of java pretty well and I am fairly uneducated when it comes to swings, threading, and other more advanced topics.

    I am considering a few books which are intro type books and more that are more advanced.

    One of the first books I am interested in is effective java by joshua block, which I have read is a great book, unfortunately, I am not sure if I am prepared for these topics. Is this book intended for someone with strong understanding in basics and advanced topics, or is it fine for a motivated beginner - intermediate programmer?

    Some of the other books I am considering are:
    Java Concurrency in practice
    Java Puzzlers
    Big Java
    Java Software solutions: Foundations of program design
    filthy rich clients.

    I was wondering if anyone has a suggesting of which would be the best choice, thanks for any opinions help, and Im sorry to post such a common topic. Also, I tend to like books with good examples and some decent examples, but I am also able to learn from thorough descriptions of the topics.

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    hey, sorry i might not be big help but i though you might want to know. i use starting out with java by tony gaddis and its pretty good. im only 1/4th of the book in but so far it has been great!

    just my 2 cents

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    Try "Java the Programming Language" by James Gosling (the creator of the language) et. al. It discusses the details of the language and its implementation and consequences thereof but doesn't deeply discuss separate technologies. A must read (imho of course).

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    Effective Java 2nd edition - very good book
    Headfirst Java 2nd edition - another very good book

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