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    Question Good Books

    Hello All,

    I am not totally new to Java, but it's been many years when I wrote code in JDK 1.2 and Swing.

    When I look at Java now, I see lot of things have improved, and lot of Enterprise level code can be written with Java.

    I want to learn the latest of these enterprise tools. Can I start by learning Struts? Which book should I refer to learn Struts?

    Any other suggestions any one can give me to lead me to a correct path!

    Thank you and your help is much appreciated. :)

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Vicky,
    Struts has two versions are 1 and 2. There are have many difference things. At the moment the more populate Struts 1, but Struts 2 have the many advantage.
    But I advice you start by learning Spring 3. This is very populate framework, which has many cool module for develop.
    Well Do you have any experience in JEE? If you have not experience in JEE I advice you start by learning JSP and servlets, because you will not understand many things, which touch Struts and Spring, There are frameworks based on the servlets.
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    Hello Petr,

    Yes I did wrote servlets and JSP code many years back.

    Further, I want to re-adapt to Java because of two reasons: 1) It supports very large, enterprise applications, which fascinates me 2) To do better than working as a C++ coder.

    Therefore, I am looking forward to learn Java technology that solves both of my purpose. Please suggest me! :)

    Many thanks for your time and guidance.

    Best Regards,

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