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    Default string and condition problem

    I am trying to perform a task that checks the letter that user inputs (ignoring case) and return the desired:
    if the letter contains "System.out.print ("right")
    if not "--> Not a valid request "

    i did the following code but in either cases it returns as "--> Not a valid request "

    plz help

    Java Code:
    Scanner kb = new Scanner(;
    		String guessWord =;
    				if (guessLetter.contains(letters) ||guessLetter.toLowerCase().contains(letters))
    					System.out.println("Right ");
    				else System.out.println("--> Not a valid request " +
    						"- either not a letter or already guesses. ");

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    Default reply to string and condition problem

    check your condition there is a mistake in name of variables

    it should be as follow

    Java Code:
    if (letters.contains(guessWord) ||letters.toLowerCase().contains(guessWord))

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