Ok first of all not sure this is the place i'm supposed to start this thread but here goes.
Bout 3 days ago this started to happened after i installed my updates from MP3 Rocket,i have the latest version of java 6/24(updated) and the newest version of MP3 Rocket 6.0.2(updated).I'm running Windows XP Home 32-bit,AVG(anti-virus)+Malwarebytes+Superantispyware(program) i have even tried a system restore (didn't work).Have scanned and re scanned and nothing is found,so my PC is clean (hopefully).
Anyhow the prob. is --> When i start my MP3 Rocket i get an error message that says ( Could not Create the Java Virtual Machine) have been in contact w/MP3 and Microsoft, they both say to do a fresh install of Java.So now comes the deleting all java related sources and restarting PC going too sun java and re-down loading Java restarting the PC all over again + the same with MP3 Rocket and still after 5 deletes + re-installs Still no luck in subduing this beast.
Would greatly appreciate any and all assistance with this matter:(