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Thread: Regex and split

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    Default Regex and split

    I am trying to use split to split a String of the form
    Java Code:
    "Street Name: bob street, Address: 123 bob street, bar, loblah, 23456, Job Number: 32452"
    I want to split this up and store it in an array as
    Java Code:
    anArr[0] == bob
    anArr[1] == street
    anArr[2] == 123
    anArr[3] == bob
    anArr[4] == street
    anArr[5] == bar
    anArr[6] == loblah
    anArr[7] == 23456
    anArr[8] == 32452
    my thought was
    Java Code:
    String[] anArr = item.toString().split(" |, |Name:|Job|Number:|Street|Address:");
    However, this leaves some blank spaces in array slots, I am going to be using this array to search and Im afraid the incorrect items will be added if there are blank strings in the array, anyone know of any way to split a string by spaces and the other items shown above? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I'm no regex expert but i doubt this can be achieved with a single statement.

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    A single statement would be ugly (if at all possible)...seems easier to split on whitespace and remove the items not needed, or use a Pattern/Matcher combo which will allow you to pull out groups into the appropriate array values.

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