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    Unhappy Swapping pair of character in a string

    For one assignment I've gotten today, I need to take the string and swap every 2 pairs of characters as encryption.

    eg. testing here

    After the encrypting,

    It will be "ettsni geher"

    How do i go about it??

    Thanks a million in advance! :(

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    Use the methods of the String class but remember String is immutable so you need to create a new String all the time.

    Or you can use StringBuilder or StringBuffer classes which are basically mutable Strings and have mostly the same methods that String has.

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    Another way would be to look at the String methods for one that gives you an array of characters. (And for a suitable constructor so you can get a String back when you have finished working on the array).

    Working along the array and swapping the characters is something that suggests using a for loop.

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