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    I have received an assignment from my teacher last Friday. Me and my group have mulled the concept in our brain over the requirements and we have been unable to figure out a way of programing a Gui in Java and send commands, and those commands being in XML. We are doing a Battleship program and It doesn't make any sense. We are basic programmers. I can only think of 1 way of doing it and that would be grabbing a preconfigured XML doc and sending it to the server for the computer to play long but the teacher doesn't ant that. Any ways I am at a loss.

    This is the constraints:
    [20 points] Create Game
    [15 points] Can create a new game
    [5 points] Can specify to play against the computer
    [10 points] Join Game
    [5 points] Can see the list of games to join
    [5 points] Can specify a game to join
    [20 points] Game Board Display
    [10 points] Displays a grid depicting the players board with the ships in the correct locations along with where the other player has hit/missed (using a different symbol for each)
    [10 points] Displays a grid depicting the other playerís board along with where the player has hit/missed (using a different symbol for each)
    [15 points] Place Ships
    [10 points] Can specify ship/location/direction
    [5 points] Player board is updated when correctly placed or gives an error if not correctly placed
    [15 points] Fire
    [10 points] Ability to fire at a certain location on the enemy board (if the player hasnít fired at that location before)
    [5 points] Enemy board is updated appropriately
    [20 points] Update
    [10 points] After firing, waits for the other player to fire.
    [10 points] Updates the players board with the result of the enemy fire
    [5 points] Forfeit
    [5 points] Forfeits if the user quits before the game is over (you must specify a way for the player to quit before the game is over).
    [-20 points] Not using XPath to get info out of the server's response
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