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    Default Inheritance in Java

    When i try to build and run this file on JCreator, I get

    class rectangle is public, should be declared in a file named

    this is the code
    Java Code:
    public class Dimensions 
    	int length;
    	int width;
    	int height;
    	int a;
    	int volume;
    	int area()
    		a = length * width;
    		volume = length * width * height;
    	public static class Area
    		public static void main(String[] args)
    			Rectangle Rect = new Rectangle();
    			Rect.length = 7;
    			Rect.width = 11;
    			Rect.height = 5;
    			System.out.println("The area of a rectangle with a length of " +Rect.length + "and width " +Rect.width + "is " + Rect.a);
    			System.out.println("The volume of a rectangle with a length of " +Rect.length + "and width " +Rect.width + "and height of " +Rect.height + "is " + Rect.volume);
    Im trying to use inheritance to run this program, and print the volume and the area of the certain dimensions for a rectangle. I dont know how to fix this error.

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    You need create class Rectangle, ant it need extends Dimensions. Well The compiler don't know what is object Rectangle.
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    in eclipse i got an error like "Rectangle cannot be resolved to a type" because the class Rectangle is not found. as petr already said you need to create a class Rectangle with the needed members and methods or changing the statement to Dimensions Rect = new Dimensions(); would also work.
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