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    Default Question About Shared Objects

    I have a question about shared objects and the JVM. I'm starting off with Light Weight Java Game Library, and one of the files is a shared object (I'm on Ubuntu). They say to include the shared object by using "-Djava.library.path=path/to/dir" My question is, is that sent to the compiler, and do the .so files need to be present in that location on the end users computer as well, or just the developers computer? Thanks in advance.

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    Pretty sure you need to have the complete LWJGL available to the user. LWJGL is an openGL and openAL binding for java. This means there is a large collection of java class files you can use, and these in turn make native code calls. The native libs come with LWJGL and are specific to each platform. This means that if you include the exact package you are using, the user must also be on *nix. LWJGL has native code for linux, OSX, and windows - so ideally, you would include everything thats needed. The correct libs can be chosen at run time, as the example apps on the LWJGL site show - they run nicely on whichever platform you try. Good luck!

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