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    Default Sensing MIDI devices fails on OSX 10.6.6


    im having some trouble with the MIDI implementation on OSX. I Just finished setting up a fresh Snow Leopard installation on a MacBook. After configuring Netbeans i tried to reopen some of the older projects i had been working on, some of them sporting some MIDI stuff (javax.sound.midi.*).

    I need to connect to some MIDI hardware (Novation Launchpad, Akai MPK25) and be able to send/receive notes via the usb/midi interface the OS provides.

    My Problem is that my Java installation does not seem to "see" my hardware, while other applications perfectly do (Ableton Live, MidiTranslator etc...).

    The output of
    Java Code:
    MidiDevice.Info[] infos = MidiSystem.getMidiDeviceInfo();
    does not return anything else than the "Java sound synthesizer" and the "realtime sequencer".

    Im pretty sure im having exactly the same problem as in this thread:

    Unfortunately the answer in this thread doesnt really apply to my problem since i have some perfectly working code available which does exactly what i need. I just cant run it because java wont recognize my hardware.

    Im stuck right now. These projects have worked perfectly under any circumstance in the past an im sure theres just a little thing missing but i dont have a clue where to look. (after hours of research)

    So if anyone has an idea what might make my java "see" my beloved launchpad, i'd be glad to hear it... Thank you! :)

    MacBook white
    Snow Leopard 10.6.6
    JDK 1.6
    NetBeans 6.9.1

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    Default for the record

    gnah. The solution was to update the OSX Java edition via the system updater.

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