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    Default create windows executable using executable jar file


    I have built a simple java project in Eclipse.....

    The project uses: JRE system libraray = jdk 1.6.0_21
    Three external libraries jars
    A resource folder that contains images etc.

    I have created an executable jar file packed with the external libraries and it works well..... the only thing is I have to put the resource folder on the same place where the exe jar is.... and then it works fine....

    Is there any free software available that can convert the exeutable jar into a simple exe for windows so that user dont have to worry about the java installation on their pc... ???

    I dont think that jdk 1.6.0 is necessary and the program uses simple methods and can run on any jdk, I guess....

    Many Thanks...


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    I'm not sure I follow... a runnable jar by default uses the computer's JRE, and is double clickable, so I'm not sure I understand where an exe would help.
    (FWIW, the resource folder can be bundled with the jar and you can retrieve resources from said jar in the program)

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    If it existed, it might also be able to convert water into electricity and make toast. You can't simply 'convert' one app into another. Secondly, it is possible to package your resources into the jar file, either on export or after the fact. Make sure eclipse knows about the resources folder, and that it is included in the build when you export.

    Finally, making a java app into a windows app defeats the whole point of java. Imagine if there was a spoken language anyone in the world could understand if they carried a small black box with them. And now you have composed a speech in this magical language, but want to convert it to greek so people don't need to use a little black box (but also rendering the speech useless to anyone that doesn't speak greek). Why did you write the speech in the magic language to begin with?
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