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    Default Is Random() Only For Numbers?

    I have just recently begun to play around with the "Random()" utility in Java, though I have known about it for awhile now.

    All to tutorials I have followed the taught about random() dealt with numbers.

    What I am trying to build is a random quote generator which involves arrays and strings.

    Basically what I'm asking is: is there a way this can work? or is Random() only for numbers?

    (I did something similar in JavaScript a few years ago)

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    Yes, a Random object can only generate pseudo random numbers; but your problem doesn't really exist though: if you have n quotes simply generate a pseudo random number in the range [0, n) (see the nextInt(...) method) and select that particular quote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salamander View Post
    Basically what I'm asking is: is there a way this can work?

    you can store your strings in collection that implements a list or an array and then generate a random number and use this number to get a random string from your collection with get(int index) or array[index]. so there is no need that Random() generate something else than numbers.

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