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    Default run multiple jar files by one click

    Hi everyone,
    Now I have 2 jar files, parser.jar and post.jar. Each file can run separately.

    I want to run them by one click.

    For example, combine them into one jar file (I am not sure if it's possible, because there seems like to be 2 main classes).

    Or maybe some scripts?

    Any suggestion is welcome!

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    Yes, you could write a script in whatever form your OS requires and run the two programs either one after the other or as two separate processes.

    Or you could write another Java class whose main method calls the main methods of the Main-Classes of the two jars - again, either one after the other, or in two separate threads.

    Exactly what will happen in any of these four senarios depends, of course, on what exactly the two programs do.

    If the two jar files both declare a class with the same name I don't know what will happen. Nothing good, I imagine.

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