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    Default Problem with JDK

    I am extremely new to java and have a major problem with the java development kit! I downloaded the installer at some point in the past and I think I installed it but then uninstalled it and deleted the files. However now when I go to try and install it it says its already installed and is showing in the control panel but I have none of the files...... Basically I have no idea what I've done and can't seem to fix it!
    Oh and it even though its showing in the control panel it has no option to uninstall.
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    First be sure that you had uninstalled it.
    Open command prompt and run java:

    Java Code:
    c:\>javac -help

    If you get javac usage options then it should be instaled.
    If it says Bad command or file name or something like that it means you don't have JDK instaled (or java paths are not set corectly)

    Any way I am pretty sure that you can download latest version of JDK and install it. It is possible to have many JDKs instaled at the same time.

    Did you find Java in Add or Remove Programs or in Control Panel's main window?

    If you uninstalled Java in improper way then you probably have problem with Registry in which case I can't help you.

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